Hope isn’t just a community church, it’s a neighborhood church where all are welcome. At Hope, you’re part of a family. We worship together, serve together, and experience life’s joys and sorrows together. We’re not a church that tells you how to vote, we’re not a church that tells you who to love. We worship God, and we love people. It’s that simple.

Since 2002, Hope has met across Anaheim in school cafeterias, community centers, and everywhere in between. Through the years we faithfully prayed and fundraised with the hopes of one day having a place of our own, and continue to pursue that dream. We have the opportunity to truly serve this community we love — to be a church that invites people to discover life and freedom in Jesus.

Follow our journey at www.ahomeforhope.com


-We believe the Bible is divinely inspired and contains all the truth necessary for faith and Christian living. It is our ultimate authority on all matters.
-We believe man is born with a sinful nature, inclined to evil, and is hopelessly and eternally lost without receiving personal salvation through Christ’s death on the cross.
-We believe in the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit as a second work of grace, and the sanctified person’s life bears witness to that work.
-We believe God can and does work miracles for his glory.
-WE BELIEVE IN A MESSAGE OF HOPE! No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, there is hope for you.